Sunday, November 4, 2012

Was talking with a friend when they said something that I also felt but never actually expressed "Maybe this year I actually won't vote." I know that seems crazy/unpatriotic but I have never felt less excited about an election or believed less in the political system....these are my thoughts about it.
  • I have had FB friends post things that accuse Obama of being pretty shady and dishonest. I think he has been and I have strong disagreements with him on social issues! But others have posted things on Romney and I don't have much confidence in him. I also think that voting for the lesser of two evils (as opposed to someone I have confidence in) is ironic in light of all the talk about American Exceptionalism.
  • I believe that most people pay more attention to politics when the other party is in control; reading for details in order to justify their anger and outrage. Let me be honest here and acknowledge that this is how I operate, but I don't believe I am alone. When Bush was in office I didn't pay too much attention to daily operations like I do now. This is partly because I believed I had already done my job for him (I had voted,but am not saying this is right!), this is partly because I didn't think he was doing a great job and it frankly depressed me. I believe most people fail to hold the leaders of their own party because what are they going to do, vote for the other party?
  • The truth is I'm actually angrier at the Republican Party,than I am the Democratic one. I know this seems foolish but let me explain. Overall the leaders of the Democratic do not believe in Jesus, the Bible, or even just the concept of absolute truth. So why would I be angry when they fail to value human life, deny marriage as an instituted by God, or just act in ways that I believe are unethical and immoral. This is what you should expect from people who do not know,trust, or seek God! But the Republican party has an underlying belief that they are doing God's work, that they are his hand on this country, and reflect his principles and plans for this country. If this is true then I should  expect the Republican Party to conduct themselves much differently that the Democrats; and I don't believe they do. I agree socially with Republicans on issues like abortion and homosexuality, just not the methods I see used to carry out the agenda.
  • We are not a Christian country. What makes me sad is that people thought we were when a number of our laws(based on traditional biblical principles) went unchallenged by the culture. But did more people know God then? Or was it just easier to believe that  good behavior and obedience to the Christian culture would ultimately save you?
If the country is drifting further from Gods Word, then those who cling to it should stand out even more. What is happening now is that many of our illusions(this is a christian country, people doing good things meant we were more christian) are now just being ripped away. There is only one person who can transform this country and he will not be elected...........